Unpaid Commission

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Unpaid Commission

Has your transaction failed? Is your commission about to fly out the window?

A sale to a third party during the brokerage contract, a defiant buyer, a seller who changed his mind, or a notice that one of your expired listings just got sold?

There are as many possible scenarios as there are properties!

Whether the transaction is about to fail because of a rebellious party, or whether you were deprived of your commission, as a real estate broker, you have rights to fight for.

You may have a case to claim the commission that you believe you have lost, and you may have more rights than you think.

Brokers do not only have obligations; they also have rights!

Do not wait for the situation to escalate, contact us to protect what you are owed!

Beware of missteps, or hasty decisions. You may, without wanting to, make an error.

So, instead of giving in under pressure, call the professionals in real estate law in order to gain access to experts who will know what to answer, especially when time is of essence! A phone call or a meeting may avoid stress and may even save your transaction…and commission.

Comme and take advantage of our extensive knowledge in real estate litigation.

You are a real estate professional but remember that we are professionals in real estate litigation and your success is important to us!

The expertise of our law firm will be your best ally once trouble creeps into your transactions.