Real Estate Problems Related to Estates

Alain Mongeau Avocats - Real Estate Problems Related to Estates


Real estate problems related to estates

The liquidator of your father’s succession is not being transparent, as he refuses to keep you informed of the tasks that he is performing? He is particularly silent about the status of the properties that your father is to given you. You fear that he is about to sell the properties without your knowledge.
On top of being in mourning, you must now manage your stress related to the liquidator’s behavior, as well as a potential litigation. We understand that you are going through an incredibly difficult period, and that you wish for it to come to an end.

Did you know that if the liquidator of an estate does not provide the information that the heirs request, in order to make enlightened decisions, they may have him or her replaced?

Do not let this problem worsen! Contact us for an appointment so that we may explore different recourses.

We are thorough, pay attention to detail, and will take the appropriate measures and procedures to fight for your rights. By the same token, we understand that this situation is delicate, and, with your permission, we will accompany you towards a settlement.