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Me Ramy Choeb Jimenez


5151, Earnscliffe, Montreal QC H3X 2P7
Phone : 1 (514) 284-2322

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Me Ramy Choeb Jimenez

B. Sc., LL. B., MBA

Born in Cuba and having lived in Lebanon for a few years, I came to Montreal as a teenager.

Always very determined and involved in everything I undertake, I have successfully completed a Science degree (Université de Montréal), a Law degree (Université de Montréal), a J.D. in common law (Université de Montréal) and an MBA (School of Management Sciences (ESG)).

I also hold the necessary certifications to practice real estate brokerage in Quebec since 2008, and I have the qualifications to act as a real estate agency’ executive officer.

I became an attorney in 2013 and have been teaching law related to real estate at various educational institutions and businesses since 2011.

I also acted as a property manager for various investors.

Having an insatiable desire to acquire and share knowledge, I am well connected to the various commercial and social communities in Quebec.


French, English and Spanish

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