Problems Between Landlord and Tenants

Alain Mongeau Avocats - Problems Between Landlord and Tenants


Problems between landlord and tenants

Have your tenants not been paying their rent over the last few months, even if a clear lease? To make matters worse, are they also refusing to let you enter their apartment so that you can make emergency repairs?

We know that the situation that you are experiencing is a real nightmare! Especially since the tenant who is causing you an unimaginable amount of stress lives upstairs from you!

Know that if your tenant has not been paying his rent, it would be enough of a reason to evict him/her.

Also, if your tenant is not allowing you make emergency repairs to the apartment, even after having notified them within the legal timeframe, you may make a motion to the Rental Board in order to do so. This motion will be heard urgently.

We are experienced with these conflicts that may arise between landlord and tenant and will be able to prepare you for your hearing before the Rental Board, or if circumstances should allow, to be there with you.