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5151, Earnscliffe, Montreal QC H3X 2P7
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Me Philippe Maltais

I always wanted to be in a profession that would combine both representation of individuals and customer service.

I directed my academic path towards achieving this goal, and in 2018 I obtained my bachelor’s degree in law at the Université de Sherbrooke.

During my university studies, I was able to demonstrate my passion for sports by becoming president of the Committee of sports law of the Université de Sherbrooke. I also represented the faculty of law in year 2017 during the Hockey Arbitration Competition of Canada, in Toronto. In that same year, I also became a certified agent for the Canadian Football League.     

Also, while studying, I started a clothing company for which I was a co-owner from years 2016 to 2019. This experience allowed me to understand the challenges and intricacies which entrepreneurs are faced with daily.

After having completed my internship at Alain Mongeau Avocats, I have capitalized on the theory and rules of law learned throughout the course of my legal education. I have also successfully structured and applied my legal analyses according to the needs of my clients.

Still eager to acquire more knowledge and pursue my education, I am currently studying part-time for a Business Administration graduate degree at HEC. I am confident that this addition to my resume will allow me to understand the reality of my clients, provide services of higher quality and grasp a better understanding of the business realm in general.


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