Non-respected Promise to Purchase

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Non-respected Promise to Purchase

Sellers : Hurry!  Your Investment Is In Peril!

Has your buyers changed their mind? Have they presented you with a pre-purchase inspection report that was drafted with the sole purpose of annulling the transaction? Were your buyers rejected for financing? Did they discover a possible encroachment on the property in question?

The sale of your property is in peril and your projects are falling apart. Do not panic, as you may have recourses against the buyer!

Before beginning any procedures, you must put your defiant buyers on notice for them to sign the deed of sale or to refer them to another financial institution.

Did you know that you may claim damages for any harm that was caused to you as a result of the buyer’s behavior? Whether it be for maintenance costs, mortgage fees, interest, or any other cost that you had to cover, you have the right to be reimbursed.

In order to do so, you must advise your buyer that you have put your property back on the market.

You must act quickly! Contact a member of our team who is experienced in real estate law and who will know how to answer your questions and give you much needed advice in order to try and save the transaction!

Rest assured that your situation is not unique, and that we will be there to guide you.

Buyers : Myths and Facts Regarding Forced Sales

Your seller has changed their mind?

Your promise to purchase was accepted, your financing has been confirmed, the pre-purchase inspection was completed, and suddenly the seller is refusing to sign the deed of sale?

You can force the sale of the property, but be careful, the clock is ticking! You must absolutely have your proof of financing on hand, and you must prevent the seller from selling to a third party!

Are these steps incomprehensible or overwhelming?

Do not fall for the myths surrounding forced sales!

Nowadays, it is relatively simple to force a defiant seller to sell you the home that you have been looking for!

Call us right now, and our team will consult and help you so that you may realize one of your most important life projects: the purchasing of your dream home!

Accepted promise to purchase, deposit of the purchase price made, respected conditions…Do not wait, or your dream may slip through your fingers!