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Me Héloïse Blondy

I was born in South Africa and completed parts of my schooling years in France and the United-States. I then began my university studies in Quebec.  First by completing a bachelor’s degree in political science at Concordia University and then by obtaining my Law degree from the University of Montreal. I am member of the Bar of Quebec since 2008.

My background and experience in different countries allows me to work with a wide array of clients at the firm Alain Mongeau Avocats, where I did my internship and learned to master the many contentious situations in real estate transactions. I was involved in strategy planning, mediations, trials and hearings up to the Court of appeal, until 2016.

I then joined an international legal publisher as a product writer in the complex field of tax and accounting where, until the end of 2019, I participated in bringing clients innovative technology and information solutions designed for efficiency, productivity and profitability.

Now back in the firm, I have the responsibility of ensuring that it maintains the reputation for its high level of preparation, keeping up to date with the constant evolution of law and of the transmission of legal knowledge in real estate law to its clientele as well as to all the actors of the real estate field. Always on the lookout for the latest developments in the distribution of information and legal solutions, I strive to offer the best of my skills regardless of the level of complexity of the problem.


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