Disciplinary Matters

Alain Mongeau Avocats - Disciplinary Matters


The OACIQ’s Diciplinary Committee

Did the syndic of the OACIQ launch an investigation on you?

You want to collaborate with the Disciplinary Committee but not at the expense of your rights.

The syndic is better versed than you with regards to the regulations surrounding the code of ethics which brokers are expected to respect. Therefore, it is in your interest to be adequately prepared for his/her questions.

Did you know that you have the right to an attorney from the moment that the OACIQ begins to conduct its investigation?

Even if the syndic indicates that this will not go very far, he/she is trying to extract admissions from you. You may still end up in front of the disciplinary committee!

Not returning the syndic’s calls, giving vague answers, or an ill-prepared meeting with the syndic are all situations that may cause you trouble.

An appropriate preparation is always recommended to try and control the problem.

Ask your colleagues who have, unfortunately, made the decision to meet with the syndic without preparation and/or assistance: almost all will tell you that they regret it.

Do not wait to receive an official complaint to consult us regarding your rights and obligations.

Consult an attorney practicing the law governing the professional conduct of real estate brokers, immediately, to ensure your protection.

Even if you know that you may have committed an error, you must still make sure that you are not too heavily sanctioned.

Make an appointment with our attorneys who are used to work in such files, so that we may assist you and answer your questions.

An attorney from our office will be your ally, and we are here to help. Take advantage of our knowledge and great service!

Your license may be in peril: Protect it!