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Alain Mongeau Avocats

Of course, no one wishes to go fight in court. We fully understand and do all that we can to implement the process to solve your problem with as little damage as possible. Despite that, you are often faced with opponents who do not share your point of view and are unwilling to compromise, even when they are wrong. We have the necessary commitment and stamina when needed. We are ready to fight tooth and nail for our clients.

As our firm has existed for nearly 40 years, not only do we know the expectations of judges, but we fully understand and anticipate your needs.

You are involved in an unimaginably stressful conflict and are looking for an attorney who will listen, is accessible and who is prepared to defend your interests in a combative, tenacious and innovative manner.

At Alain Mongeau Avocats, in addition to meeting these criteria, we assure you that we will do everything possible to provide you with quality service by a proactive team dedicated solely to the areas of law related to real estate and protection of patrimony.

You will always be informed of the developments and be invited to collaborate with us at every step of your file, as well as be advised of the associated costs.

We understand that the situation that you are currently experiencing is very difficult, and we will welcome you into our relaxed and vivacious environment, in order to take charge of your problem.


Our Areas of Expertise

At Alain Mongeau Avocats, real estate law
and patrimony management has been our business for almost forty years.

Our extensive experience will help you get a clearer view and we will assist you
in coming up with means to a solution that will meet and serve your expectations.

Contact our team and we will provide you with answers to your questions and concerns.
We are here to help and guide you. We want to fight for you.

Purchasers :
A latent defect issue has surfaced, and you have not the slightest idea of what to do.

Sellers :
Have you received a demand letter from your purchasers alleging that the property that you sold them has a latent defect and that they are holding you responsible?

Did the syndic of the OACIQ launch an investigation on you?  You want to collaborate with the Disciplinary Committee but not at the expense of your rights.

The syndic is better versed than you with regards to the regulations surrounding the code of ethics which brokers are expected to respect. Therefore, it is in your interest to be adequately prepared for his/her questions.

Alain Mongeau Avocats - We fight for you
Has your buyers changed their mind? Have they presented you with a pre-purchase inspection report that was drafted with the sole purpose of annulling the transaction? Were your buyers rejected for financing? Did they discover a possible encroachment on the property in question?


Your seller has changed their mind?  Your promise to purchase was accepted, your financing has been confirmed, the pre-purchase inspection was completed, and suddenly the seller is refusing to sign the deed of sale?

Have your tenants not been paying their rent over the last few months, even if a clear lease? To make matters worse, are they also refusing to let you enter their apartment so that you can make emergency repairs?
Has your transaction failed? Is your commission about to fly out the window?

A sale to a third party during the brokerage contract, a defiant buyer, a seller who changed his mind, or a notice that one of your expired listings just got sold?

There are as many possible scenarios as there are properties!

A few months have passed since you have bought your new condo, and you have just discovered that water leaks every time that your upstairs neighbors take a shower.
You recently purchased a business, and you are now discovering that the seller hid certain expenses or exaggerated the revenue?
Has the bank given you a deadline to make your mortgage payments which are already past due? Are they threatening to repossess your home if you do not comply? You are a single parent with two children, and you are in a panic!
You are absolutely beside yourself, as you have just received a motion instituting divorce proceedings from your spouse. You have young children, and, to your knowledge, you are co-owners of many properties which were purchased during the marriage. You are now fearing that your spouse has recently transferred these properties to his personal company.
The liquidator of your father’s succession is not being transparent, as he refuses to keep you informed of the tasks that he is performing? He is particularly silent about the status of the properties that your father is to given you. You fear that he is about to sell the properties without your knowledge.
Alain Mongeau Avocats - Real Estate Problems Related to Estates

What We Do

We defend individuals and companies that are faced with legal procedures before the Court of Appeal, the Superior Court of Québec, the Court of Québec, disciplinary committees and the Rental Board, concerning their real estate and patrimonial problems.

We recommend the best experts available if specialized reports are necessary and we present the most effective approaches that can be considered to protect their wealth and legacy.

We understand how helpless and attacked our clients feel when faced with such problems. We help them make the most suitable and economical decision that will alleviate their stress and eliminate the problem as quickly as possible.

Our experience with thousands of files, simple or very complex, worth a few thousand dollars or millions, allow us to take care of the worries caused by the problems you are facing.

We are aware of the costs to defend your rights and we make sure to remain within your budget.


A team that masters all facets
of real estate transaction problems



Alain Mongeau


Me Héloïse Blondy


Always on the lookout for the latest developments in the distribution of information and legal solutions, I strive to offer the best of my skills regardless of the level of complexity of the problem.


Me Ramy Choeb Jimenez

Attorney, B. Sc., LL. B., MBA

Having an insatiable desire to acquire and share knowledge, I am well connected to the various commercial and social communities in Quebec.


Isabelle Després


Dealing with management, suppliers, invoicing and IT, she is the point of entry to the office and the link between clients and professionals.

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